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EPL Week 15: Predictions

Yet another Premier League week in an equally short span of time. Rotation policies will be tested, and fatigue will most certainly be in play.

An equation which may lead to some unlikely results.

Expect the unexpected when Benitez faces a tough away game against West Ham, Dembele/Dempsey meet their former employers at their former hunting ground and two possession-based teams in Arsenal and Swansea collide at Emirates Stadium. Read More…


EPL Week 14: Predictions

No breaks this week. With only two days since the last bout of action, the EPL is back with a series of midweek games – good news for football fans.

Redknapp will manage what is, technically, his first game in charge against struggling Sunderland. Liverpool have kept their head above water thus far, struggling in a mid-table and face a tough encounter this week at White Hart Lane.

See Nineteen‘s author predictions for what should be a great Premier League week. Read More…

EPL Week 13: Predictions

Ladies and gentlemen, this is the inaugural Weekly Predictions post.

What this consists of is both authors of this blog (Bilal Ali and I) making our predictions for every EPL game, and then the respective authors being awarded points relative to their predictions. The scores will subsequently be totalled up at the completion of this season.

The point system will be similar to that of Bleacher Report. A correct outcome (win/loss/draw) will be awarded with 1 point. A correct scoreline (12-1 win) will see the author awarded with 3 points.

As well as scoreline predictions, the authors will also be required to predict the highest-scoring game of the week (most goals in a game). Should there be multiple games which produced the most goals, picking any one of these games will do. A correct prediction will be awarded with 5 points. Read More…