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I’m pleased to tell you all I’ve been recruited by to present my insight into some major world football topics. Check that out at your leisure! I’ll be posting quite a bit on that, so if you want to see some of my latest work, you know where to go! Link in blogroll to the far right of your screen.




No Predictions

Just wanted to let you all know that we’ll have to abandon the predictions for this week (again). Sincere apologies, been almost impossible to collect predictions and weave them around the busy schedule.

Thanks for your patience.

New Writer

Apologies, readers about the slight lay-off. A busy week and some technical errors with the blog engine (including an accidental deletion of my completed Chelsea game review) meant it was almost impossible to be able to provide either Chelsea game this week. However, one of my earlier drafts was not deleted, and I’ll publish the one point in that draft (albeit on a slightly earlier date, meaning you’ll have to scroll down to see it).

However, I’d like to take a small moment to inform you all that there will be another writer on this blog, Bilal Ali, who will be shouldering some of my workload.


Again, sorry about the idleness, and hopefully I’ll break through with some regularity from now (and maybe a little luck).

Quick update

I seem to have created this blog at a bad time. The infamous international break is back this week, meaning no EPL games to review. As a result, I’ll be posting a very late review on the Newcastle United game at St James’ Park some time in the next couple of days.

Inaugural post

Hey there! I’m Mohamed Ismail, 15, from Australia. I’ve put this blog together, just to present my ideas/thoughts about Manchester United to the general public (assuming people are reading). The idea is fuelled by a burning interest in sports journalism, as well as United itself.

I am astutely aware it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I aim to provide a statistical insight using concise, clear observations/ideas to form a well-constructed opinion on various issues/events around the club, whether it be an insight to an individual or a match review.

Any feedback would be much appreciated. Cheers!